The Balloon Lady, Inc. – A.K.A.

Founded by Barb Cizek and is located in Northbrook, Illinois. We’ve been providing Top Quality Balloon Products and Accessories since 1990.

Barb's son Cory Cizek is part owner of He graduated from Indiana University in 2010 and is ready to help you with all your balloon needs.

We are proud to be a Mom and Son business!



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FastFlow Balloon Inflator

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  • High volume / high velocity air flow at 25 Cubic Feet Per Minute!
  • Also provides powerful suction for deflating balloons fast!
  • UL-listed 120-volt standard power, plugs into any common household wall outlet
  • Includes 2 Nozzles to fit our most popular Outdoor balloon lines
    and a user friendly easy-flex extension hose
  • Features an ON/OFF toggle switch for hands-free operation
  • Compact, lightweight and easy to stow away when not in use

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